Meet our Ambassadors

Meet our Ambassadors Wade Jackson and Evie Ashton










We are delighted to introduce our new ambassadors dynamic husband and wife duo, Wade Jackson and Evie Ashton.

Wade is a high performance coach, speaker and author who works with big global brands. He’s also laugh out loud funny and part of the world famous Improv Bandits team. Wade is commited to learning and self-improvement mixed with humour. Evie is a self-esteem advocate, corporate facilitator and high performance coach. She is a radio and TV journalist, presenter and producer who has an especially strong affinity for women and their families. Together they have a vision for empowering positive change and ‘meaningful happiness’. They help people and organisations to perform optimally through “Inspired Learning”.

Evie: “Home and Family Counselling has a long and strong history for helping people like you and me who are in the trenches. Relationships are tricky. Life happens, all the time every day, even when you’re just making the sandwiches. For me, sometimes I’m ahead of the game, sometimes I’m catching up and then occasionally, I’m overwhelmed. This organisation makes it that much easier for people to get that help when we need it. They build wellbeing, they support families to become more resilient and they help create strong, supportive communities. I’m proud to be an ambassador for them”.

Wade: “My role is to amplify Home and Family’s message and to introduce and seek beneficial partnerships for the organisation. Our mental health record in New Zealand is devastating and we need to normalise the conversation. Whether it’s yourself, your partner, a friend, a member of your whanau or a work mate, we need to support each other not judge, and get the right messages out there. After all 47% of Kiwis will have counselling at some stage in their lives. Professional counselling works and has the power to change lives”.

Welcome to our family Wade and Evie!