Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

Mission, Vision, Values

Our logo symbolises caring and nurturing in the stylised form of hei matau (fish hook), which signifies strength and good luck. Gold signifies hope.

Home and Family provides professional counselling and related services that promote and enhance the safety and well-being of all families and individuals.

Our vision

Communities where everyone is thriving, connected and able to participate in their communities.


Collaboration: We partner with tangata whenua and all members of our multicultural society. We are committed to Te Tiriti o Waitangi. We will proactively work with other organisations which share our values.

Empowerment We believe in supporting our people, families, whanau, children, young people, and individuals, so that they may realise their potential.

Independence We value independent thought and diversity and ensure that all people’s views are heard and respected. We are an autonomous and secular organisation.

Social justice We believe in and will advocate for social justice for all, especially children and vulnerable people in our community.

Accessibility Our services are available to all.

Key Principles Trust in each other Accessible to all Responsive to community need Professional in all that we do
Core Values Empowerment Partnerships with Tangata Whenua and all ethnicities Independence Collaboration