Say “NO” to Bottom Games FREE storybook and Parent’s Guide

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Say “NO’ to Bottom Games is a guide for parents, educators and caregivers about how to talk about and protect children from sexual abuse.

Adults who are willing to tackle the topic of sexual abuse and want to learn how to discuss this with their children will find this book invaluable.

Using simple, fun children’s stories the book helps children understand their bodies and distinguish between appropriate and non-appropriate behaviour.

The children’s book is supported with a parent’s guide containing simple ideas about how to teach children about abuse through education and story telling.

This resource is available to download for FREE.

Section one

Explores simple ways that parents, educators and caregivers can speak with their children about keeping safe from sexual abuse and gives ideas and strategies for how to do this.

Say “NO” to Bottom Games – Parent and Caregiver Guide

Section two

Is a collection of children’s stories put together as a resource for children as well as parents, educators and caregivers. It offers age-appropriate stories, which are created to support the ideas suggested in section one. The stories have simple drawings that can be easily downloaded and made up into colouring books for children.

Say “NO” to Bottom Games  – Children’s stories and workbook

A hardcopy set can be purchased from our office for $45.00. Call us on on 09 630 8961 to find out more.

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