How We Help

How can a counsellor help?

How we help, benefits of counsellingIt can often help to talk things over with someone who is interested in what you have to say but is independent from your personal or professional life.

Counselling offers support and strategies for dealing with issues which, left unresolved, can create stress or depression.

People find counselling helps them to identify their own strategies for moving their life forward and re-gaining their well-being.

It is often helpful to talk things over with an independent person. Experienced counsellors have the skills to help you think about things in new ways. They can enable you to think more clearly, identify alternative options and achieve new directions.

Couples and families find discussing problems and changes in the presence of a counsellor valuable for better communication.

How do I know if I should see a counsellor?

  • If you feel like you are not coping. You may have noticed changes in yourself. You may have become more irritable, constantly angry, sullen, withdrawn, sad, weepy or go into spells of silence for long times. You may just feel you are ‘not yourself’ any more.

  • When circumstance or behaviour towards you becomes unacceptable or intolerable.

  • When you feel unable to manage your relationships or function effectively.

  • When you feel you are not coping with a change, or trauma in your life.

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Got a friend or loved one that you think might benefit from counselling?

  • Talk to them about people you know who counselling has helped.
  • Provide them with contact information of organisations they could go to.
  • If they are hesitant or unsure, ask them what bothers them about talking to a counsellor. Let them know that ‘It’s better to talk’ to a professional counsellor.

Read some of our inspirational stories and testimonials from people who have been helped through counselling. Encourage anyone who is hesitant about attending counselling to read them too.