Real Stories – Helené

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Competing at the Miss South Auckland Beauty pageant. Home and Family Counselling was the Community Group she wished to promote and support.

Soaring to New Heights

Being unafraid to give counselling a try has proven to be an important decision for Helené.

As a young woman Helené was experiencing bouts of depression and anxiety. She’d been taking anti-depressants but she felt as though she needed another way of coping.

Fortunately given her open family background, Helene was very receptive to seeking therapy as a form of help, even though she was only too well aware of the stigma attached to counselling.

Perseverance Reaps Rewards

Helené admits counselling isn’t easy and recounts her first counselling session in Hamilton as anything but easy. She remembers it as ‘awkward and difficult’, however, firmly believes if you persevere you will reap the rewards.

With the benefit of hindsight, Helené a positive, outgoing, talented and confident individual looks back and is grateful she didn’t let her fear put her off.

Nothing to be Ashamed About

In her own words, ‘counselling is a brave thing, not anything to be ashamed about. I think everyone should try it before they judge.’

She readily admits that while she knows a couple of friends who’ve been to counselling, they by no means represent the number of people that she knows who have suffered from depression, or struggled at some point in their lives to cope.

For Helené, counselling is a release. ‘Why keep everything bottled up?’ she asks. ‘Going to a counsellor is a great way of offloading. You’re paying someone to listen so you don’t have to feel the same kind of guilt that you do if you are burdening your friends with all your issues. Plus you get constructive feedback and an insight into “why” you felt, behaved or reacted in a certain way,’ which helps you begin to understand yourself better.’

Someone She Felt Comfortable With

Having moved cities and been to a few different counsellors Helené is quick to point out how important it is to find the right counsellor. ‘Do your research and try to find someone that you think best fits your personality.’ She says.

Helené found Home and Family Counselling soon after moving to Auckland. She describes her counsellor as someone she felt totally comfortable with and together they’ve built up a rapport and work well with each other.

The Rewards Have Paid Off

For Helené the rewards have paid off in many ways. She’s adamant it has changed her outlook on life ‘100 per cent’. It’s changed her relationship with herself and with others. It’s given her an inner sense of self-confidence, improved her personal life and helped her build a much stronger relationship with her parents. ‘I’m a lot more confident today than I was one year ago’. She states.

For Helené, her new found confidence has her soaring to new heights.