Recent feedback from clients about their counselling experience

How they found their counsellor
“Made me feel comfortable, got to the core with the issues.”
“We feel very heard and understood and valued.”
“He listened. He respected what I had to say. He treated me like a real person. He helped me build my confidence.”
“Being heard. Having space to work things out.”
“Helps us to see things from other perspectives.”
“In a caring and genuine way, made me feel at ease and valued.”
“Caring, understanding, authentic, encouraging.”
“No judgement, free to talk about my problems.”

The impact counselling has made on their lives
“Helping me get through a difficult time.”
“Working together as a team with my wife, managing the kids.”
“Improved my relationships with my family. Given me insight.”
“Helped me to function better.”
“I am not so anxious.”
“Huge! Changed my relationships and attitude.”
“Enormous, better thinking, kinder behaviour, more work success.”
“A new hope for our family.”
“Helps me cope with very real difficulties I am facing at the moment.”
“Positive calming influence.”
“It has given our relationship a second chance.” 
“It’s helped us as a couple love each other again.”
“It has given me a positive outlook for the future with my husband and family.”
“Very positive, I feel empowered.”
“It’s giving me some clarity, understanding and ways to move forward.”

About our donation system
“Donation system is amazing, wouldn’t be able to access without.”
“Donation system is valued.”

Feedback collated March 2016.

Comments from students who completed one of our youth programmes

‘I have learnt that I have a lot of worth. I am more aware of the fact that I can live my life with confidence knowing that I am doing OK. I am my own person.’

 ‘My most significant change is gaining more confidence…’