Fundraise, Support usAre you a budding chef? A keen long distance runner? A lover of fashion? Whatever your passion or skills you can help hard – working families and young people in need by raising money for vital counselling services.

The first step: get in touch! We can help with advice and tips to run a great fundraising event. We can also provide leaflets, newsletter and even a short slide show if you’d like one.

We’re available to chat with you anytime during office hours on 09 630 8961 ext 3 or email

Remember, any volunteer contributions of $5 or more are eligible for a 33.33% tax rebate. That’s why it’s always vital to gather details from your contributors. It means we can thank them properly and provide a tax receipt. A perfect way to make this process easier is to set up a Givealittle page, see below.

Mobile phone and tablet recycling

mobileIf you, your family or business have old mobile phones or tablets that are of no further use, we can recycle them and fundraise for Home and Family at the same time!

There are many components in old mobiles and tablets that can be recycled and reused.

We have teamed up with fonebank New Zealand and they will donate money to us for phones and tablets that can be re-used.

What can we accept? Phones or tablets that are working or non-working and able to be repaired.

We cannot accept phones or tablets that have:

Worried about stored data?

For corporates and businesses concerned about commercially sensitive data that may still be on these devices, Fonebank can offer Certified Data Erasure for at a cost of $8.00 per phone.

Where can I drop my phones/tablets?

You can bring your phones or tablets into either our Mt Eden office – 344 Mt Eden Road or our North Shore office – 2A Seaview Ave, Northcote. Office hours: 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday to Friday or 9:00 am – 1:00 pm on Saturdays. If you have any questions call us on 630 8961.

Home and Family Rules

Home and Family RulesRaise money for Home and Family Counselling by hosting a meal. Essentially you provide the meal and your guests make a voluntary contribution.

All funds raised will be used to provide professional counselling for low-income adults in Auckland who are suffering from depression and other mental health issues.

For more information and full instructions click here.

Quick Links

Givealittle: Home and Family Counselling is a registered charity on Givealittle and, thanks to the Telecom Foundation, there are no fees on voluntary contributions made through the site. It’s secure and hassle free. Simply set up your event page, set a target, nominate HFC to receive your funds, then send a link to your friends and family asking for their voluntary contributions:

Home and Family Rules: Eating together is an important way to bring friends and family together. What better way to fundraise for Home and Family Counselling than to bring your loved ones together over a meal? Click here for more information.