Group Programmes

Group Programmes

Supa Savvies – is a facilitated programme designed for well motivated and savvy 60+ year olds looking to meet new people of a similar age for some fun and lively discussions.

Youth programmes – we have three programmes that run in schools around Auckland. The progammes cover topics such as anger management, creating respectful relationships, and a life-skills course that focuses on making better choices, motivation and resiliency.


Supa Savvies

What it is about: This programme has been designed for well motivated and savvy 60+ year olds who live in the Auckland region. Especially suitable for those people who live alone or lack the family or social supports that they would like.

These small groups are a place to meet new people, have some fun, increase social contact, enjoy discussions and rebuild confidence.

Who would benefit: Any motivated, fit, active 60+ year old who lives in the Auckland region who would like to meet new people, build confidence, partake in discussions and have FUN!

Group size: Limited to 12 participants.

Duration: The groups meet with a trained facilitator for 10 fortnightly sessions and then move into a new stage of creating and running their own group gatherings.

Cost: FREE.

Contact: To register call us on 09 630 8961 ext 0.

“I believe this is an important initiative which will support our elders and help to maintain good mental health amongst this sometimes forgotten group in our communities. Feeling useful, remaining active and maintaining a mutually supportive network no doubt helps to protect against premature ageing.” Programme facilitator, Jaqui

Youth programmes

Issues frequently affecting young people include self-esteem, relationship changes, developing discipline and other school issues. It may include the impact of parents separating, eating disorders, depression and behavioural problems.

We have developed three youth group programmes to help young people adjust through this turbulent time.

1. Challenges, choices, change

What is it about: Understanding and management of emotions.

Who would benefit: male and female students aged 10-17 years who want to develop self-awareness and communicate more effectively.

Group size: 10-15 students.

Duration: 2 hours a week for 6 weeks.

Cost: FREE.

Contact: for more information. 

2. Creating respectful relationships

What is it about: Understanding what creates safe, healthy relationships.

Who would benefit: young women 10-17 years who want to have more positive and meaningful relationships.

Group size: 10-15 students.

Duration: 2 hours a week for 6 weeks.

Cost: FREE.


3. I have, I am, I can

What is it about: Making better life choices, goal setting, motivation, and resiliency.

Who would benefit: young men and women aged 15-18 years who need support, self-confidence and focus to help reach their full potential.

Group size: 10-15 students.

Duration: 2 hours a week for 8 weeks.

Cost: FREE.