We aim to make our counselling accessible to all. We ask our clients to make a contribution towards Home & Family Counselling.

Our counsellors can guide you as to an appropriate voluntary contribution based on your income. Below is our guide for suggested voluntary contributions.

Women We have a programme for women with protection orders in place. This is funded through the Family Court.

Disability Allowance Clients who are currently on a Disability Allowance may be eligible to apply for support with their counselling cost.

Voluntary contribution guide  Suggested voluntary contributions range from $30.00 up to $150 per session for an individual; between $35.00 to $160 for couples or $40 to $170 for a family session.  Any voluntary contribution towards Home & Family Counselling above $125.00 will assist us to help other people in need. Note: family sessions can be up to 1.5 hours in length, and all voluntary contributions are negotiable. If you have any questions about making a voluntary contribution, please feel free to call our reception teams to discuss (Mt Eden – Tel: +64 9 630 8961 or North Shore – Tel: +64 9 419 9853).


If your Annual Household Income is up to:







$10,000 per year ($190 per week) $30 $35 $40
$20,000 per year ($385 per week) $45 $55 $65
$30,000 per year ($575 per week) $60 $70 $80
$40,000 per year ($770 per week) $85 $95 $105
$50,000 per year ($960 per week) $105 $115 $120
$60,000 per year ($1,150 per week) $130 $140  $150
$65,000 per year ($1,250 per week) $150 $160 $170


Cancellations We have a waiting list for our services. If you make an appointment with us and need to cancel, we’d appreciate as much notice as possible. Giving us notice means we have time to reallocate your appointment to someone else. We expect at least 24-hours of notification of a cancellation or rescheduling. Please note: We are a charity. Voluntary contributions will be expected for late cancellations and no shows. So contact us if you need to make a change.