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Trained and experienced Home and Family Counselling staff offer supervision to professionals within the social services such as counsellors, social workers, co-ordinators, supervisors, and managers.

Supervision is offered by John Carney, Rachel Dasler. David Legg and Shelley Anderson at Mt Eden and Lee Beston at North Shore.

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Professional. It’s a formal process aimed at enabling a person to practice to the best of their ability. It supports an individual’s organisational, professional and personal objectives including focusing on competency, accountable practice, continuing professional development, and personal support. Confidentiality and highly ethical practice are assured.

Benefits. Supervision offers individuals and organisations an opportunity to improve their professional practice and deliver better outcomes by talking openly and privately about workplace issues and decisions, with someone experienced in listening and understanding people. It is not designed to take away a person’s decision-making capacity, rather supervision offers scope for discussing and exploring new ideas, achieving greater clarity, and increasing professional action. Supervision of workplace skills and practices is growing in New Zealand. In all levels of work and all industries, organisations are seeking qualified external supervisory support for all staff. Many individuals are also turning to supervision to privately boost their professional development.

Personalised. An individualised personal contract is drawn up with each person receiving supervision to ensure his or her specific needs are addressed and, where appropriate, a contract with the employer is also arranged.

Cost. A competitive rate of $125.00 plus GST (if GST Registered) for one hour of supervision is the standard fee. We also offer a discounted rate for students of $80 plus GST.

Contact Us. To discuss the best supervision plan for you or your organisation, contact Reception, on 09 630 8961.

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