Anger no longer a barrier to happinessFinn case study

Sixteen year old Finn* could feel the anger “burning” him up yet again. As his rage rose,
he started furiously tearing up everything around him and began frantically pulling at his
hair. Finn was a very frustrated young man.

Finn, the youngest of three, got angry with the people he most wanted a close relationship with. He didn’t get on with his mother, father, or his oldest brother. Finn was also struggling to make friends and so was feeling dreadfully lonely. In short, Finn was a ticking time bomb.

The family dynamics made for a tense situation. Finn desperately wanted to fit in with
his oldest brother and father who were very close. However, they would always head off
together taking part in outdoor activities that didn’t appeal to him. Although he got on with his middle brother, his middle brother would often get drawn away by the older brother and father, so Finn always felt the outsider.

Finn’s mother was at her wit’s end with all the conflict and was anxious about Finn’s
behaviour, so she contacted Home and Family Counselling to arrange some counselling.

Finn found the counselling to be extremely beneficial. For the first time, he felt someone was listening to him. He talked through all his frustrations and anger and was given some useful strategies to keep himself safe and make choices about how he wanted to live his life.

As a result, Finn has completely turned his life around. He has effectively removed the
obstacles that were holding him back. With a newfound hobby he’s found some friends and has a much calmer relationship with all of his family. Finn’s mother is delighted with how much better the family gets on now.

Finn has been able to channel the frustration he once felt into happiness asserting, “My life is completely different now.”

* name changed to protect identity.