Say “NO” to Bottom Games hard copy book available for purchase

Say “NO” to Bottom Games is a guide for parents, educators and caregivers about how to talk about and protect children from sexual abuse.

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Only $45.00 + P&P.

The book is made up of two sections. Begin by introducing children to the ideas and concepts suggested in Section one – the parent’s guide. Help support your coaching by reading your children the stories in Section two.

Section one

Explores simple ways parents, educators and caregivers can speak with their children about keeping safe from sexual abuse and gives ideas and strategies for how to do this.

Section two

Is a collection of children’s stories put together as a resource for children as well as parents, educators and caregivers. it offers age-appropriate stories, which are created to support the ideas suggested in Section one. The stories have simple drawings that can be easily downloaded and made up into colouring books for children.

This book is available to purchase as a set of 2 books for $45 + postage and packaging. To place an order email us at

Here’s what people have to say about the book.

“I welcome this new resource for parents who want to talk with their children about keeping safe from abuse.”

John Angus, New Zealand Children’s Commissioner

“…a refreshing new approach to the prevention of child sexual abuse…”
Caroline Witten-Hannah, Registered Child Psychotherapist NZAP

“This book is good because it has hints for parents and appropriate pictures for children to colour in. Adults aren’t always around to help, so children need to know what to do.”

Vikki Lidbetter, Parent


You can also download this book for FREE on the links below:

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